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May 24th-27th, 2021

:: 2021 Dragon Hatchlings Winner ::

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Please take the time to read our rules!

You must have a completed website with a minimum of 3 pages of content. It must be free of broken images or links.
Please, no Adult Material or material that exploits children! If you have questions, you may email the owners/founders, and we will take a look at your website.
No pornographic sites or links to pornographic sites (this includes ads).
No bashing of Little Dragon's Castle or any other competition. It is important to show respect for not only our competition, but others too. Also, no bashing of people in both ours and others' competitions. You will be removed from Little Dragon's Castle if you are found doing this.

It is acceptable to belong to all the teams with separate websites and the Pet Contest with up to 4 pets.
You must have a working guestbook that allows HTML on your website.
You must have no copyright infringements or stealing of other's work. If you use something that belongs to another person, please ask their permission first.
You are only allowed 4 sites in the whole competition. The Pet Weyr competition is separate, and you can join that aside from the 3 VE teams.
You must display a "Little Dragon's Castle Approved" banner to your site's main index page, and your team's "Proud Member" banner must be displayed either on your index page or spirit/osvp page along with your vote banner.
Make sure you've linked all your images to your own server. No bandwidth stealing from us or other sites! If we find you've been doing this, you will be asked to fix the problem. If you are unable to do this, you will be removed from Little Dragon's Castle.
Your site must be accessible to everyone, meaning that no "members only" sites or password protected sites. We need to be able to see your site for approval, and others need to be able to see your site in order to vote for it. :)
You may NOT join this competition without a parents permission if you are under the age of 16! We can't stress the importance enough, so please don't try to join without your parents' permission! Little Dragon's Castle will not be held liable for any child that participates and lies about his or her age!
If you've been dropped from a team for some reason, you must wait 8 weeks to rejoin. If you've been dropped twice from a team, you must wait until the new comp season which will begin September 2nd, 2019.

Voting Rules

Self-voting IS mandatory! 3 self votes per voting week will be required at Little Dragon's Castle at the team levels & 4 days a week at the upper levels in order to move up. At our championship level, Draco's Challenge, you will be required to self-vote all 4 days! You are allowed to vote twice a day for yourself or for other sites per IP address. You will be notified by your team leader if you fail to vote the required number of days during the week.

If a member does not successfully vote for 3 weeks straight, he or she will be dropped from competition.

VE Vote Exchange Teams:
You CAN post your direct voting link on VE Boards and in Reminders lists.

Pet Weyr - Pet Contest:
You CAN post your direct voting link on VE Boards
and in Reminders lists.

Thank you and good luck!


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May 24th-27th, 2021

:: 2021 Winners ::

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