Welcome to the Pet Weyr!

I am Lady Gaia, your Weyr Leader here at the LDC Pet Weyr!
The Weyr is where you may compete with your furry, scaley, feathered, or slimey pets
for a chance to go to the Dragon Hatchlings Tournament next May!

You will need to fill out the Pet Weyr's Join Form and send me a 125X125 graphic image of your pet/s.

You must vote a minimum of 3 days a week in order to progress up each level.
You may enter up to 4 of your pets whether they are past or present! :o)

You do NOT need to have a pet webpage to enter, although, if you do have one, please send us
the URL to it when you join! We will link your pet button to that page for you!


All pets start at the Qualification Level (Hatchling Impressions) where you will have to vote
for your pet/pets all 4 days in order to Qualify. Once your pets get past this level, they will never
come back to it unless you don't vote for them the required number of days for 2 weeks straight.

Level 1 (The Feedings) is our first team level where you must vote for your pet/s a minimum
of 3 days a week. The top 5 scores advance to level 2, which is our middle level. Everyone
else stays to try again.

Level 2 (Flying School) is our 2nd or middle team level where you must vote for your pet/s
a minimum of 3 days a week. The top 3 scores advance to level 3, which is our final level.

Level 3 (Fire Breathing Trials) The Pet who can win 3 weeks in a row here will retire and qualify
for our "Dragon Hatchlings Tournament" contest which takes place each year in May.

If this sounds like fun and your are up to the challenge, then just Click the "Join" link URL in the Pet Weyr Pathways table below!" We would love to have your wonderful pets here with us!

Team Leader (TL): Lady Gaia

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